Friday, 6 April 2012

Caught out lying AGAIN...

HER:  This will b the one and only time that I will allow P 2 go 2 yours on his own u do this again u won't have eigher u can't chose between your children what do u think this is doing 2 H's head?  Her dad dosent want her!  I'll say again sine them over 2 me
HER:  P says he dosnt want to go 2 yours sorry!
HIM:  How many times have you chosen that I can have only one of them, or neither.  I'm just trying to teach H that she can't just behave as she has to P and anyone else that she so chooses.  someone needs to set her an example.  I'll come to collect P and if he doesn't want to come then he can tell me that.
       **Phone call from P** 
HIM:   P has just said that you were never going to be out of the country this weekend, what a disgraceful thing to lie and teach your children to lie like that.
HER:  I am actually thanks
HIM:  So how are you going to a party at your mothers then?  More worryingly, why has P just told me that it's "another lie"?  Role model?
HER:  I don't have 2 tell u any thing and I'm not going 2 my mums u can talk role model now stop texting 

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