Saturday, 14 April 2012

Oh hello Derek.... (Her latest 'victim' steps in...)

Wednesday 11th April
21:44 DEREK:  I feel I need to say something as things are starting to go to far.  Your pathetic text messages are getting a joke and are very personal if you put as much effort into your kids as you did your texts you may get somewhere.  I expect a change.
23:35 HIM:   Frankly Derek, I really don't care what you expect.  I too would like a happy life for all.  You are being deceived by a master of the art.  I have absolutely nothing against you at all but I do advise you to entertain the possibility that there is a lot that you are not being told.  I put no efforts into text messages whatsoever,  the polar opposite of my position with my children.  This is an unnecessarily bitter and silly situation, on that we both agree.  Until you are in the same position as a father, do not even try to judge me, you have no idea. I sincerely hope that you never do have any idea either as I would not wish that upon you.  I would also like a change but I expect nothing of the sort.
Thursday 12th April
08:22 DEREK:  Unfortunately actions speak louder than text messages and for that reason you have been judged poorly.  Even your family have given up on you so please less of the bullshit and yes I expect a change.
22:00 HIM:  You know, it sounds like you are threatening Derek, please elaborate?   Whilst you are standing on your pseudo high ground, proclaiming parental excellence with no experience of being a father please explain to me why you threatened to kick my six year old girl?  A lot seems to be said about me, now answer that question for me and then reflect upon yourself for a while.......... Oh, and I'll tell you what I expect, I expect an answer to my question and for you never to threaten my children with violence again, just incase things aren't clear for you.

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