Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Some kind of crazy.....!

HER: H said that she dosnt want 2 go 2 your house 2night
HIM: Re your question of the 15th, I will do my best to be as close to 5 as I can, I have to travel for 2hrs to get home so it may not be bang on.
HIM:  Re the shower, the washing machine is broken and we are hand washing clothes in the bath.  How often do you send them here dirty, I'm not running a Spa service but always make sure they are cleaned, save for exceptional circumstances such as this.
HIM:  Re H not wanting to come.  Only last week you said that it was wrong to break a court order, wrong to stop visits and it would be the last time they came separately.  It feels like I'm texting two different people here, such is the lack of continuity??  How many conflicting opinions do you have?
     **both children collected**
HER:  Is H ok? If not Derek said he'll come and get her .if I find out she's been treated badly 2night she will not b coming back the relevant people no this.  I am also changing my number so u can not contact me any more
HIM:  Of course H is OK.  That last message was crazy??  I'm still reeling from the insanity of it.  Firstly, Derek?? Who is he?  I have been in a consistent and stable relationship with my wife for several years now and you won't even entertain the mention of her name, let alone her collecting the children.  in that time your multiple relationships have been off and on and you expect to be able to offer one of them upon my doorstep of a Tuesday evening as some sort of Sir Gallahad, based on your hypocrisy, no chance.  H has never been treated badly with us, just disciplined in line with her actions, actions that should be of no surprise to us based on your example.  How was white horse hill this weekend?  I hear Ordenance Survey have their best cartographer re writing the map of the British Isles as we speak, out of the country.....?
HIM:  That brings me to the relevant people, is that some sort of veiled threat towards me?  Lastly, changing your number, that really is the worst suggestion I have heard from a mother who has a responsibility for shared care with a father.  How are we supposed to contact you if the children have a need to??  How would we make arrangements for collections etc?  That on really needs a re think.  Just set the right examples for the kids and perhaps they will take a good message from that and that will aid their upbringing.
HER:  U really need 2 get over the fact that I left u,  u r still so bitter it's really not healthy as 4 my string of relationships I've had 2 relationships one of which I have been with 4 2 1/2 years and we r engaged move on and try 2 b a good father now as I have said over and over do not contact me again.
HIM:  :-) keep taking the drugs and please accepts my thanks for the laughter from which I am only just gathering breath.  The best thing you ever did was leave me as I no longer have to endure you.  My thanks for your act of kindness.  All I care about is that the kids have a good upbringing.  Has no-one told you that raising children is not a competition?  Have a good evening.
HER:  Oh I will as I don't have 2 enjour u
HIM:  :-) 

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