Thursday, 29 March 2012

It's all pretty quiet on the text front.....

HER: P needs his brown inhala he's got 2 have it morning and night
HIM: My best advice is for you to get another one from the Drs as I'm away. 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Response to imaginary baby (delayed as He's been working away..)

HIM: In reply, I did not threaten you in any way.  You refused to answer 2 sms asking you if it was a yes, so I sent a third.  Now I have the yes, at last.  If you had of replied in the first place there would have been no issue.
HIM: Regarding lying about replying to you, I suggest you contact your service provider regarding the message that I sent on the 5th of March at 08:35, where I very clearly and nicely replied.  Check your facts before branding others as liars.
HER: Do u have nothing better 2 do than send me texts?
HER: P has a friend 2night can u take him 2 cubs? 
HIM:  I think your last messages just contradicted its predecessor? 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Imaginary Baby

HIM:  Firstly it's a week later and you still haven't clarified my question on those date proposals, please do today or I can't do it.
HIM:  P has come over with his school trousers badly damaged and said you told him to wear them just before coming here. What's that all about?
HER:  Don't threaten me I'd already said fine and u can talk I asked u 2 have the kids 4 the first time in 4 years as I was at a funerel and u didn't even have the decency 2 get back 2 me then lied to the childeren and said you did?? As for P's trousers I'd ask him to change them as they were dirty and 2 put clean ones on so get your facts straight! 
HER:  Congrats on the new baby, I'll get every one to put it on Facebook 4 u

Just to remind you.... 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tuesday night.....

HIM: I'm outside, can you send the kids out?  Thanks.
HIM: Some advanced warning of dates that I will be away with work: Tues 17 April I can't have them, please let me know by tomorrow if you want me to have them on the 16th instead as I can if you let me know now.  Thanks.
HIM: Also linked to the same trip, I will unfortunately not be able to have the children on the weekend of April 21st at all, or Tuesday 24th April.  Again, I could swap Tues 24th April for Thurs 26th April, if that works, can you confirm that for me by tomorrow.  Thanks. 
HER: Yep
HIM: Just so I'm clear, yep to what?
HER: What you said funny it's it I ask u once in 4 years 4 one thing and yet time and time again u change things may b u should think about that
HIM: Are you saying yes to both changed Tuesday date proposals just so I'm clear? 

A word from the 'new wife'.....

(This was written a few months ago.......)

"Hello Daddy...."

"Hello Daddy, mummy says we are allowed to come to your house this weekend!"

My husband has not been allowed telephone contact with his children for nearly two years and has recently been denied all contact by 'Her', despite a Court Order that has been in place since October 2010.

The unexpected call came two hours after my husband had received a letter from 'Her' solicitors stating that he must not go to her home or she "will have no choice but to contact the police".

Why?  Well, we can only speculate, but the contact withdrawal was neatly timed with a reduction (by CSA assessment, which 'She' applied for) in child maintenance, throw in a few trivialities and fictional accusations from this bi-polar mother and you have yourself a real life drama (I should say ANOTHER real life drama).  A decrease in a father's contact results in increased maintenance payments.  Bonus for 'Her'.  Devastating for the children.

This woman's obsession with financial gain grossly outweighs her commitment to giving her children the balanced upbringing they deserve.

Since meeting my husband in July 2009 we have suffered continued harassment from his ex wife, including car chases, name calling, conditioning children, false allegations of abuse, mind games, abusive text messaging, attempted child abduction, false allegations of child neglect and of course, contact withdrawal.

This post is lacking in background information, I know.  I'll update as often as I'm inspired to retell the story of the last 2 yearsof my life, as well as the log of text message communication.  In the meantime I will remain suspicious over last night's phone call/solicitors' letter contradiction and hope that it's not some kind of trap to attempt to have my husband arrested, again. (I'll tell you about the first ridiculous arrest another day).

Ciao for now x

Monday, 12 March 2012

Hello Monday....

HER: The childeren came home in dirty clothes H had food in her lunchbox from Friday it's distugusting how you treat your childeren.
HER: And P's lips were all split open?  Do u have no idear at all??
HIM: How would I know about a lunchbox, she never has one and you never said there was one??  The only reason there was one was because you were too drunk and abusive on Friday to either take it from her or tell me it was there.  I'm not a mind reader.  Re P's lips, he arrived like that and we spent all weekend applying balm so check your facts please.
HER: Really???????????
HIM: 100% really 

A little game of catch up for you....

Sunday 4th March 2012:
HER: I have a funeral on Friday is there any way u could pick the childeren up from school?

Monday 5th March 2012:
HIM: I'm not able to I'm afraid, and that's not a no for no's sake, I have a meeting on Friday. 
HER: Thank u so much 4 getting back 2 me glad 2 no your so concered about the childeren. 
HIM: What's wrong with the children?

Tuesday 6th March 2012:
HIM: I'm outside, can you send them out.  Thanks.

Friday 9th March 2012:
HER: The childeren will be at the british legion in ******* they may need food. 
HIM: Please explain more?
HER: What the fu k more do u need 2 no?!
HIM: Who are they with etc, and there's no need for abusive language.
HER: They r here
HIM: No, at the Legion, who am I collecting them from?
HIM: If you wonder why I'm asking questions, it's because you're not explaining the situation.  I'm assuming you're at a funeral and I know no more than that.  Explain it better and I will see the full picture.
HER: Just pick them up ASAP
HIM: If they are with you then make sure they are fed as you certainly haven't given me any notice at all.
HER: No they need food.
HIM: You have sworn at me, been rude and then not fed the kids.  If you wanted me to feed them you could have asked and given me reasonable notice.  You could have also behaved reasonably.  Now text me when you have given them dinner and I will come and get them.  Next time you want a favour, try behaving respectfully and I will be inclined to help.
HER: 5 mins pick up
HIM: I won't be there in 5 minutes as I've not left.  Have you fed them?
HER: Just get them chips I'm not doing u r a real pick every one here is like what r u doing??
HIM: I'm reacting to your foul language and disrespectful messages.  I really don't care what anyone else thinks, just what is fair.  Now feed those children as you are meant to and when it is done, tell me and I will then collect them as soon as I can.
HER: P's gone if u want H shes here
HER: Go fuck yourself your a prick grow some bollocks and b a father
HIM: Your language and actions show who you are and what you are made of, look at yourself before abusing others.  I will not be dragged into your game.
HER: What ever in a court order u r surposed 2 pick your childeren up at 6 your daughter is waiting 4 u
HIM: And in the same court order you are meant to feed them and I'm supposed to get them from your house.  90 minutes notice with swear words and abuse is way short of the 24hrs asked for in the court order you mention.
HER: R u picking her up or not?  She keeps asking.
HIM: You've ignored all of my points, since you mentioned it, you have also broken the court order.  I won't take this messing around and based on your comments I suggest you cool off and contact me in the morning to arrange a time to pick her up.
HER: Your daughter is here waiting 4 u 2 pick her up now come and get her
HER: Your daughter will be dropped off at cubs as u can't b bothered 2 pick her up as u r a prick.
HIM: You are really showing your nice side today.

Saturday 10th March:
HER: H thinks she gave u her invite? But she has a party on Sunday 2-4 it's a doctor who party at the British red cross in town