Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wednesday 4th April 2012

HIM: P didn't tell you that when you had the incident with H stealing the £20, he saw it in her room and she threatened to beat him up and break his neck if he told you. Her behaviour is totally out of control, I have told her that she will not be coming over this weekend as I will not reward that kind of foul behaviour. P could do with a break from her. She needs to know that she can't behave like that anywhere. I won't ignore it just because it didn't happen here. I will collect P only on Friday.
HER: Sorry u can't pick and choose wends I'm away so u will have 2 have her arrangements r in place and can't b changed u will have 2 have this wend and I find it unbelievable that u think it's ok to turn around on a Wednesday morning and say she's not going 2 yours I am not in the country sorry!
HIM: I called you several weeks ago and you refused to discuss this, saying you would deal with it in your house. Now you can, this weekend. You also continuously tell me that I am a second rate parent and should give you sole custody. Make your mind up. You have also denied me access with less than an hours notice before. You have set all the precedents here so don't call me to order on my actions. Just in case we are unclear, H is with you this weekend so plan accordingly.
HER: No she is not I am not here its in a court order that she is with u. If your such a good father why didn't you give P his inhaler 2day that u wouldn't give him back?
HIM: it's sat on his desk, if he didn't take it then the blame lies there. You should teach a 9 year old to take some responsibility for themselves. There is no debate over H this weekend by the way. How many times have you ignored the court order to suit you? By the way the court order is that you should make them available, not that I am ordered to have them. You are such a hypocrite. All I am trying to do is manage H's behaviour responsibly. She is out of control. There will be no further replies as I need to work now.
HER: I shall b going 2 the police just so u no as u r unfit

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