Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tuesday night.....

HIM: I'm outside, can you send the kids out?  Thanks.
HIM: Some advanced warning of dates that I will be away with work: Tues 17 April I can't have them, please let me know by tomorrow if you want me to have them on the 16th instead as I can if you let me know now.  Thanks.
HIM: Also linked to the same trip, I will unfortunately not be able to have the children on the weekend of April 21st at all, or Tuesday 24th April.  Again, I could swap Tues 24th April for Thurs 26th April, if that works, can you confirm that for me by tomorrow.  Thanks. 
HER: Yep
HIM: Just so I'm clear, yep to what?
HER: What you said funny it's it I ask u once in 4 years 4 one thing and yet time and time again u change things may b u should think about that
HIM: Are you saying yes to both changed Tuesday date proposals just so I'm clear? 

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