Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A word from the 'new wife'.....

(This was written a few months ago.......)

"Hello Daddy...."

"Hello Daddy, mummy says we are allowed to come to your house this weekend!"

My husband has not been allowed telephone contact with his children for nearly two years and has recently been denied all contact by 'Her', despite a Court Order that has been in place since October 2010.

The unexpected call came two hours after my husband had received a letter from 'Her' solicitors stating that he must not go to her home or she "will have no choice but to contact the police".

Why?  Well, we can only speculate, but the contact withdrawal was neatly timed with a reduction (by CSA assessment, which 'She' applied for) in child maintenance, throw in a few trivialities and fictional accusations from this bi-polar mother and you have yourself a real life drama (I should say ANOTHER real life drama).  A decrease in a father's contact results in increased maintenance payments.  Bonus for 'Her'.  Devastating for the children.

This woman's obsession with financial gain grossly outweighs her commitment to giving her children the balanced upbringing they deserve.

Since meeting my husband in July 2009 we have suffered continued harassment from his ex wife, including car chases, name calling, conditioning children, false allegations of abuse, mind games, abusive text messaging, attempted child abduction, false allegations of child neglect and of course, contact withdrawal.

This post is lacking in background information, I know.  I'll update as often as I'm inspired to retell the story of the last 2 yearsof my life, as well as the log of text message communication.  In the meantime I will remain suspicious over last night's phone call/solicitors' letter contradiction and hope that it's not some kind of trap to attempt to have my husband arrested, again. (I'll tell you about the first ridiculous arrest another day).

Ciao for now x

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