Friday, 23 March 2012

Response to imaginary baby (delayed as He's been working away..)

HIM: In reply, I did not threaten you in any way.  You refused to answer 2 sms asking you if it was a yes, so I sent a third.  Now I have the yes, at last.  If you had of replied in the first place there would have been no issue.
HIM: Regarding lying about replying to you, I suggest you contact your service provider regarding the message that I sent on the 5th of March at 08:35, where I very clearly and nicely replied.  Check your facts before branding others as liars.
HER: Do u have nothing better 2 do than send me texts?
HER: P has a friend 2night can u take him 2 cubs? 
HIM:  I think your last messages just contradicted its predecessor? 

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