Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Imaginary Baby

HIM:  Firstly it's a week later and you still haven't clarified my question on those date proposals, please do today or I can't do it.
HIM:  P has come over with his school trousers badly damaged and said you told him to wear them just before coming here. What's that all about?
HER:  Don't threaten me I'd already said fine and u can talk I asked u 2 have the kids 4 the first time in 4 years as I was at a funerel and u didn't even have the decency 2 get back 2 me then lied to the childeren and said you did?? As for P's trousers I'd ask him to change them as they were dirty and 2 put clean ones on so get your facts straight! 
HER:  Congrats on the new baby, I'll get every one to put it on Facebook 4 u

Just to remind you.... 

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